General Terms and Conditions


As short as possible, as much as necessary

We believe that the terms and conditions do not need to be excessive – provided the buyer-seller interaction transpire in good faith. In this respect, the following binding principles are entirely sufficient and applicable:

1. We consider a contract to be concluded as soon as both parties, verbally or in writing, reach an unambiguous agreement.

2. The displayed prices include the Swiss VAT without framing unless otherwise stated. We calculate all possible pick-up/delivery as well as transport insurance and all other costs on an individual basis.

3. All items are subject to prior sale. We maintain the express right of making intermediate sales; with almost 3000 posters, it is possible that a completed transaction will not be accordingly noted or removed from the website within a day.

4. Until complete payment is received, the item in question remains in possession of Placart GmbH. In principle, no works are handed over or shipped until paid in full.

5. We guarantee the authenticity of the works we offer; we do not sell reproductions, re-editions, or imitations. Any exceptions are explicitly indicated.
     We make this authenticity guarantee to the best of our knowledge and judgment. The authenticity guarantee, however, is limited to one year from the date of purchase, if there was no information before the date of purchase over plausible inauthenticity of the ascription/attribution of the acquired work, and which the seller should have known, or which he could have learned with comparatively little effort.

This slight limitation concerning the authenticity guarantee rests on the following grounds: Especially in the world of art and in the case of works created more than 100 years ago, information – so far buried in archives – which may question the original ascription/attribution of a work, or truly existing data, is only known to a tiny circle of highly specialized professionals. These experts, do not attach much importance to this information, and therefore do not publish it.
     Placart has in its ten years of existence never had to reverse the sale of a work – for example, due to a false ascription/attribution. On the contrary: Thanks to our knowledge and our research, on several occasions, we have been able to clarify or correct ascriptions/attributions, dates and information on printing techniques – even data from proven experts.

6. All orders are final with no right of return or exchange. The seller truthfully answers all questions regarding the authenticity and condition of works. The seller also provides prospective customers, who have never seen the work in question in person with their own eyes, with valuable image material digitally. Thus, the buyer is in the real sense of the word «in the picture», receiving an authentic representation of the characteristics of the acquired work. He/she is aware that the works offered by Placart are inherently sensitive paper works that have hardly survived the decades unscathed.
     Omitted from the exclusion of the right of return are cases described in point 5, as well as any other agreements made on the conclusion of the contract.

7. Concerning shipment: The seller packs the purchased work carefully and sends it well protected. He/she is not liable for damages resulting from improper handling during transport and/or customs.

8. All transactions proceed exclusively under Swiss Law; the place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

Zurich, April 2021