Zurich – Gordon Bennett Cup


Creator Adolphe Tièche
Printing year 1909
Sheet size (cm) 71×102
Printing technique Lithograph
Printer Graphische Anstalt J. E. Wolfensberger, Zürich
Condition B+
Asking price 0 CHF
Categories in the air, Sports, Switzerland, Zurich

Little big city on a great poster — created by a Jurassian, the trained architect Adolphe Tièche (1838-1912) who was, by the way, president of the Bern section of the association of Swiss painters, sculptors and architects from 1907 till 1912. On the occasion of the Gordon Bennett balloon race (Zurich was the start location 1909) the organizers chose for obvious reasons his poster which originally advertised Zurich in 1908 and added an overprint to promote the event. The race was a really big deal back then: More than 200‘000 visitors were on-site during the three event days. The winners of the race landed 1120 kilometers away close to Warsaw, after 35 hours in the air.

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