Schweizerische Bundesbahnen


Creator Emil Cardinaux
Printing year 1928
Sheet size (cm) 128×90.5
Printing technique Lithograph
Printer Wolfsberg
Condition A-
Asking price 8'800 CHF
Categories on the tracks | by cable car, Romandy, Switzerland

One of Emil Cardinaux’s many wonderfully atmospheric travel posters, designed in 1928 for the Swiss Federal Railways to advertise the Simplon line between Lausanne and Domodossola and the magnificent landscapes offered to travelers along this railroad line – whereby here the master chose the probably most picturesque, using both strong contrasts and finely graduated shading: the view of Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva with the Dents du Midi in the background.

This is a world format exemplar from the first edition; the SBB used the motif again in 1949 – but then printed by J. C. Müller.

The Bernese and “Hodlerian” Cardinaux (1877 – 1936) is regarded as the artist who led Swiss poster art – not least thanks to his epochal depiction of the Matterhorn (see below) – out of its sluggishness into the modern age with a bang. Although he was certainly not the only one of these innovators, his long and consistent output made him one of the best known and, above all, most influential.

His Zermatt poster can be found here:

Zermatt – Matterhorn