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The evolution of the Swiss Product Poster

 13. December 2020 von Tomas Rabara

Well, it’s done: Eleven months ago the first meeting took place, now it‘s printed and dispatched to the clients of a Swiss financial service provider: «Made in Switzerland», a little book reviewing the beginnings and the evolution of the Swiss Product Poster till ca. 1960.
I‘m pretty honored to have been asked to compile the book, to write the largest part of it and to select the posters. Published in German and in French (no English edition) and – as it‘s meant to be a present – not for sale. However, our clients may get a copy, of course.
Many thanks to VZ Vermögenszentrum for the confidence as well as to the Museum für Gestaltung, Steindruckerei Wolfensberger, Jean-Charles Giroud and many more for their support!

More pics here

And voilà a little review by the curator of a Swiss public poster collection:
«Sehr gut geschrieben, inhaltlich spannend, dicht, informativ. Auch gut mit den verwendeten Zitaten; finde es für das wohl anvisierte Publikum überhaupt nicht zu stark vereinfacht. Super.»