Kurt Wirth’s Seminal Work for Swissair

 18. October 2019 von Tomas Rabara

As part of the exhibition “SKY SOCIETY – Original Vintage Swissair Posters”, graphic artist Moreno Tuttobene calls in his presentation (in German) on 24 October to mind Kurt Wirth (1917-1996), who designed several posters and advertising material for Swissair in the 50s – an œuvre that still makes a surprisingly modern impression. Wirth went on to advise the company in the implementation of its corporate identity in the 80s. Tuttobene completed his Master’s Thesis on Wirth in 2013. In 2017, he curated two exhibitions of his work.

The posters on display in the exhibition – all originals, of course, in large part from the 30s to the 60s, and all available – as well as the brochures, flight schedules, and other such ephemera, offer the public a view of the sometimes lovely, sometimes – as in Wirth’s case – quite progressive way in which Swissair advertised not only its services but Switzerland as well throughout its many long successful years of flight.

Entrance fee CHF 10.–, on site at the gallery; left work: a draft for Wirth’s DC-7 poster, 1956; © Moreno Tuttobene