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Invitation to four events

  17. May 2019 by Tomas Rabara

The works shown in the present Le Corbusier exhibition, on display until 29 June (see the invitation), testify to his more than sixty-year-long artistic productivity and furthermore give an impression of his continuing development as both an artist and an architect. In light of the significance of LCs artistic oeuvre – he referred to it […]

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PLACART in “Das Ideale Heim”

  24. April 2019 by Tomas Rabara

In the newest issue of Das Ideale Heim, published by Archithema, gallery owner Tomas Rabara tells about the beginnings of his gallery thirteen years ago, when three women stood at its inception: Heidi Weber, and his wife, and his daughter; about his fascination for Le Corbusier’s unfathomable work; and about the world of Original Posters. […]

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LC ZH 2019 at PLACART – Exhibition Opening on 9 May

  17. April 2019 by admin

On the occasion of the reopening of the Pavilion Le Corbusier in Zurich on 11 May, Gallery Placart is devoting its first exhibit to the part of Le Corbusier’s work which he himself called “the source,” the “key” to all his work: to his artistic opus. The pieces presented here testify to sixty years of […]

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PLACART goes annabelle

  16. April 2019 by Tomas Rabara

annabelle likes Placart, and Placart likes annabelle (very much!). Thanks for the coverage, thanks for the little shooting. Pictured are Henri Ott’s Swissair poster (1951), Hans Aeschbach’s “Swiss Alps Calling” (1951 as well) and three posters (of the complete series of ten) promoting modern architecture, designed by Walter Allner and published by the magazine “Architectural […]

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