«Kunsthaus Zürich 1938»: LC’s first Original Lithograph in color, hand-signed

  7. December 2018 von Tomas Rabara

Only recently available, the best of both worlds: The first Original Lithograph in color by Le Corbusier was a poster that he designed for his exhibition «Œuvre Plastique» 1938 at the Kunsthaus Zürich (100×71 cm); the print run was only 100 exemplars – and this one is moreover even hand-signed by LC as well as […]

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Switzerland’s catch-up – by Dr. Bettina Richter

  26. November 2018 von Tomas Rabara

Bettina Richter, curator of the poster collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, giving our guests on the occasion of the opening of PLACART a diverting overall picture of developments in Swiss poster history on the basis of available posters on-site – commencing with Jules Chéret’s «Palais de Glace» from 1893 and a by comparison […]

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Welcome to PLACART

  22. November 2018 von Tomas Rabara

Well, finally: This evening the opening of the gallery takes place – with a short introduction to Swiss Poster History by Bettina Richter, the curator of the poster collection of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich…

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