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Zephyr – Soaps & Cream | Friedrich Steinfels


Creator anonymous
Printing year 1935
Sheet size (cm) 128×90
Printing technique Lithograph
Printer Art. Institut Orell Füssli
Condition A
Asking price 0 CHF
Categories Animal, Fashion & Beauty

A wonderful and extremely rare original poster that advertised the Zephyr soap and cream brand of the Zurich-based company Friedrich Steinfels AG in the (probably) mid-1930s. The depiction of the swallowtail – symbolizing the natural lightness and elegant smoothness of the products – is simply magnificent.
However, those responsible took less care with the text, as “Crème” was printed with a Circonflexe accent instead of the Grave accent.

The poster is sometimes attributed to Niklaus Stoecklin from Basel, but this is highly doubtful, especially as there is no signature or monogram; a master of Stoecklin’s caliber would never have allowed this.

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