Secession – XIX Exhibition, Vienna


Creator Ferdinand Hodler
Printing year 1904
Sheet size (cm) 95×64
Printing technique Lithograph
Printer A. Berger, Wien
Condition B
Asking price on inquiry
Categories Visual Arts

The first original poster by Ferdinand Hodler – of, depending on how you count, only four or five picture posters in total that were actually executed –, created in 1903 on the occasion of his participation in the XIXth Exhibition of the Secession in Vienna at the beginning of 1904 (the entire first hall was dedicated to him): A typical Hodler, full of symbolism and parallels expressing balance and harmony.

This exhibition finally helped Hodler to his international breakthrough and thus also to a little more recognition in Switzerland itself.

A milestone in Swiss poster art that has strongly influenced countless artists; a rare masterpiece with a corresponding price.