Caux – Station d’été | Palace Hotel & Grand Hotel


Creator anonymous
Printing year 1905
Sheet size (cm) 100×70.5
Printing technique Lithograph
Printer Hubacher & Co.
Condition A
Asking price 4'400 CHF
Categories Romandy, Switzerland

Opened in 1893 in Caux above Montreux, the Grand Hôtel (left, in the background) had an elevator, electric light and steam central heating (quite remarkable for such a remote hotel), but only a single bathroom per floor – which was not unusual back then even for guests accustomed to any luxury. At the same time, the cog railway was built, leading from Montreux to the top of Rochers-de-Naye (still in operation), from where one has a fabulous view of the Alps, Mont Blanc, the Jura massif and Lake Geneva. The Palace, for its part, received its first guests in 1902, and the infrastructure was correspondingly more modern, the luxury even more pronounced.

In this respect, this original poster testifies to the flowering of the Swiss Belle Epoque, printed around 1905; excellently preserved, extremely rare

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