Film Festival – International Congress, Basel


Creator Fritz Bühler
Printing year 1945
Sheet size (cm) 134×92
Printing technique Lithograph
Printer Wassermann
Condition A
Asking price 0 CHF
Categories Fairs | Festivals | Zoo, Music | Movies | Theatre

Is there anything more clichéd than to use a film reel or a film strip on a poster associated with movies? No, Fritz Bühler thought, and created as early as 1945 one of the – if not the – first great film festival poster. His pixellated duotone close-up of an eye for the Film Festival Congrès International in Basel is in so far very special as it’s easy to grasp from afar but difficult to recognize at close range.

This is an uncut sheet, hence the unusual large size (instead of ca. 128×90 cm)