Turandot or the Whitewashers’ Congress


Creator anonymous
Printing year 1969
Sheet size (cm) 128×90
Printing technique Serigraph
Printer unknown
Condition A
Asking price 900 CHF
Categories Music | Movies | Theatre, Zurich

One of the most uncommon posters that we offer: A kind of – let’s call it – societal memento mori, issued in 1969 on the occasion of the premiere of Bertolt Brecht’s “Turandot” at the Schauspielhaus Zurich. It quotes the “Ballad of the Emperor” from the play, which is quite suitable as an impetus to reflect a bit and practice humility.
Even if Brecht, in the very tradition of class struggle, was aiming at the ruling class, one can also see it less dogmatically, i.e.: Whoever wants to feel addressed may feel addressed.

And voilà thus the English translation:

“As things stand, we shouldn’t be complaining
Seems we could afford a little laugh
Those who take the strain on our behalf
Show every sign that they’ll continue straining.
All the years it’s been this way
No one ever shouted Ho!
But where precisely does it say
How it’s been it has to stay?
Just maybe, maybe
Things won’t always be just so.“