Creator Peter Birkhäuser
Printing year 1934
Sheet size (cm) 127×90
Printing technique Lithograph
Printer Wassermann
Condition A
Asking price 0 CHF
Categories Household & Department Stores

Before refrigerators – not to mention freezers – were in every kitchen, canning jars were ideal for preserving seasonally available fresh products into the winter. However, after World War I made it almost impossible to get jars of the German manufacturer Weck in Switzerland, the Bülach glassworks developed its own product: the green jar with swing stopper and sealing ring, which became a world-famous product in Switzerland thanks to numerous posters, recipe booklets and even public demonstrations.

Peter Birkhäuser’s (1911-1976) poster printed by Wassermann in Basel in 1934 is an icon of Swiss poster history due to the amazingly realistic depiction of this industrial good in combination with a natural product that is also deceptively real. Meanwhile, he could hardly have wished for a better trainer: Starting in 1928, he apprenticed with Niklaus Stoecklin for a good six years – six years during which Birkhäuser matured into a leading exponent of Magic Realism inspired by the New Objectivity. The pores of the pear, the shine of the glass, the almost palpable coolness of the metal frame, the precision of the reflections bear witness to this.

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