Joan Miró – Kunsthalle Basel


Creator Emil Ruder
Asking price 3'100 CHF
Condition A-
Printing technique Linocut
Printing year 1957
Printer Buchdruckerei des Verbandes Schweizerischer Konsumvereine VSK, Basel
Sheet size (cm) 128×90.5
Categories Visual Arts

A somewhat unusual design by the Basel typographer Emil Ruder (1914–1970), created on the occasion of the exhibition of Joan Miró’s work in 1957 at the Kunsthalle in Basel – unusual in so far as he opted for much more color than hardly ever before or after. A tribute to Miró, I guess, and wonderfully successful.
Emil Ruder played, together with Armin Hofmann (from Basel as well), an instrumental role in establishing and propagating the so-called “Swiss Style” or even “International Style” after WW II. (Josef Müller-Brockmann from Zurich was another giant, whereby the Zurich school is often regarded as more rigid than the somewhat sensual Basel approach.) The letters and stencils were cutted by Ruder himself, as always. Rare.

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