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You’re searching, we’ll find it – Plus: That’s how it looks

Placart specializes in posters designed and printed before 1960 in Switzerland. Even though we offer around 3000 originals – that’s a quantity that we don’t have (so far) at the gallery but at a store in Zurich – sometimes we may not currently carry one or more desired items in this specialty area. Furthermore, over the decades between 1890 and 1960, countless billboards emerged, especially in other European countries, which in the meantime have not only become part of the cultural heritage of each respective country but also beyond – and have become engraved in our collective memory.

If you are looking for a poster that is not currently available at Placart, we’d love to know. We have contacts all over the world, and while we do not have exclusive connections to all of them, we have relationships with many. Of course, this doesn’t mean we may be able to find every poster requested within a minimal period and in perfect condition at a bargain price. However, we are happy to try and are always delighted to accept corresponding search requests. This service often comes with a fee, but not necessarily. We determine conditions of cost on a case-by-case basis, depending on the time frame, the rarity of the poster you are looking for, your requirements on the condition and your budget.


If you’ve already fallen in love with a poster in our collection, but are still unsure whether you could imagine it in your own four walls (which we do have no doubt you will!) we can provide you with a visualisation that gives you an amazingly genuine impression of the new room situation. We only need a photo of the wall where you’d like to hang the poster – better still, one of the complete room with some measurements – and we’ll do the rest. We then «hang» the poster of your choice on the wall in your photo, in the correct proportions and the proper perspective. The reactions have been consistently positive so far. Our customers have been delighted with the results.

This service, like the one mentioned above, comes with a fee, but here again, not necessarily. The price depends on whether a purchase is made, if it is the customer’s first or the twelfth visualisation and so on.

Here are two visualisation examples, and how we make them for our customers. Above, see Alex Walter Diggelmann’s poster from 1933. In the image below in the foreground, see Otto Morach’s posters from 1928 (PKZ) and 1923 (Welti Furrer); in the background, Adolphe Tièche’s view of Zurich from 1908.